August 20, 2019
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Value For Money10/10
System Features10/10
Customer Support9/10

Zip Cloud Review

A lot of companies are offering online storage and cloud storage services professionally, but they tend to be complicated to use and rather expensive for personal users. The past several years, however, more and more service providers are realizing the importance of catering to the needs and wants of home users. Aside from free storage services, you can enjoy the same professional-level services at an affordable price by opting for the correct service provider. There is no better service provider to look into than ZipCloud if you are looking for nothing but the best cloud storage solution available.

The storage solution from ZipCloud costs less than $5 a month, but you don't have to opt for the premium package straight away. The company also offers a trial account which allows you to use all the features you get from the Unlimited account for 14 days; the storage space is limited to 15 MB during the trial period, but you still have more than enough to maximize the features offered by ZipCloud.

Yes, you also read correctly when I said Unlimited account. The storage solution from ZipCloud comes with unlimited storage space; this means you can store large files, movies and multimedia files, and even your entire computer online. After completing the setup process and installing the proprietary software, everything - including backup creation and synchronization - are done automatically.

ZipCloud offers a user-friendly approach to cloud storage. The software provided by this company is designed to work out of the box. Even when you have no prior experience with cloud storage or online backups, you will still be able to get the system up and running - including all the automations and features - in a matter of minutes. It is clear that ZipCloud is taking the needs and preferences of home users into considerations when setting up the storage service it is offering.

Just like many other popular online storage services, you can also set up multiple devices in a sync mode. When all devices are set up, updates to files stored in any of them will automatically be synchronized throughout the line. You no longer need to keep track of which files to copy or which device to update because everything is done for you.

Mobile support is another great feature you will be able to enjoy; it is part of the features included in the Unlimited plan. The system is compatible with iPhones, Android handsets, and virtually every smartphone on the market today. You can access individual files, the entire backup, and of course store files from your mobile devices just as easily.

At the offered service cost, the storage service from ZipCloud is certainly very appealing. Considering you will also enjoy corporate-grade security features that ensure the safety of your backup files, it is safe to say that this particular service plan is worth considering nonetheless. Be sure to visit to find out more about the features and benefits you can enjoy when you choose to use the Unlimited plan from this company.