August 20, 2019
Cloud Storage Reviews

Storage Options for Windows

If you're running a windows operating system, you'll know that the more data you put on your hard drive, the slower it runs. This is a fact, it is to do with the FATS file system that windows uses and short of switching your operating system entirely, there is very little you can do about it. In fact, there is only one thing you can do it about it and that is to save your data on an external drive. This way you will free up space on your main hard disk and all of your applications will run a lot smoother.

You have two options here, the first thing you can do is to purchase a physical remote hard drive for your computer. This is handy if you want to keep your data in your office but not so good if you want to be able to access your data on the move. If you want lightning fast access speeds, unlimited storage space and full access wherever you are in the world then there is no better option than cloud storage. There are numerous windows cloud storage systems out there, lots of them are reviewed on our site and all of them offer fast, unlimited access to your data online as and when you need it.

Most of the major providers support drive mapping via windows or even offer a third party application which acts as a go between with your computer and the cloud servers. With such applications, storing all of your private data online is as quick and easy as writing it to your own local or external hard drive. In fact, the difference is negligible - especially with todays Internet connections being so fast. The difference is barely noticable.

In my opinion, if your windows system is running slow then online backup is the only feasible choice. It's fast, it's unlimited and it's accessible from anywhere. Sure over the years it might work out to be a little more expensive than purchasing a remote hard disk but you'll have the added benefit of completely secure data accessible as and when you need it and speeds you could only imagine. There are several providers out there who offer online storage accounts specifically for windows users and pretty much all of them offer downloadable applications which are all fully compatible with all versions of windows.