August 20, 2019
Cloud Storage Reviews

The state of cloud based storage

The dawn of cloud-based storage has helped the way data can be stored, shared and backed up, made it available or retrievable as a service via a network. It is a storage resource accessible via Web-based Application Programming Interface (API) or through a web-based user interface. This service is predominantly used by startups, small and medium businesses as they offer an offsite storing option and thus reducing the burden of on-premise storage. The three key frames of cloud storage are hosting the data, virtualization and backup of the same.

The cloud storage solutions are offered by a number of top firms and it is a growing market in the present scenario. The measures in determining the best service provider include the storage size, cost of hosting, market size and niche the provider has created itself in this highly competitive market. Apart these measures, the most important parameters to be considered are if the host is reliable and how secure is the data uploaded.

Reliability and Security shape a cloud storage service provider, especially when their clients are high profile IT companies who require the data shared to be safe and easily accessible. The other attributes associated with the cloud services are scalability, adaptability and efficiency. It allows computing resources to be modified in real time. A volatile company requires changing data every now and then, interchanging a solution for another, thus adaptability and speed of the storage service is very essential. The smoothest application is the accessibility of the data from anywhere in the world just with an internet connection.

Fancy as the applications of cloud storage may sound; there are a few issues that tag along with it. The primary issue would be sensitive data that is stored. Sensitive data are those that are governed by regulations, for example government related classified data or defense related data. The user will not be aware of where the data is actually stored in a cloud as the storage is geographically dispersed. The other issue deals with the privacy of data, how well it is safeguarded and protected. The servers for running the clouds have to be active throughout and thus maintenance of the cloud services becomes an important task which needs to be taken care of. The existing APIs have architectures and data types that may not be cloud-friendly and thus new ways to construct them is essential.

At the onset, cloud based storage changes the face of data storage and is here to stay. The economy of this market is a big boost to the companies that use cloud services as it saves four times the money they would spend on storing the data on their own servers. The ease-of-use and data availability for all the users has made it remarkable technological advancement. The use of multiple cloud services is the best approach that assesses the needs of the user for his business. The cloud storage services continue to evolve providing the best of features and collaborating on a global level.