August 20, 2019
Cloud Storage Reviews

Who is the best provider?

Cloud Storage in simple terms is uploading your content online and storing it so that it can be accessed from anywhere in the world if an internet connection is provided. The advantage of such a technology is that the storage of a user's content is not limited to his/her personal computer or hard drive but it is virtually carried with the user always. The content can be accessed from multiple devices to modify the files or for uploading new content which is automatically synced to the devices the cloud storage service is on.

Choosing the best free cloud storage service in a fast growing market of service providers starts with defining the user's storage needs and how effectively they can access the content from various devices. There are certain criteria to be looked into in order to successfully handle the user's needs. The user may require to upload personal, business and enterprise-level data based on their requirement. This creates a competition among the service providers to offer myriad options to satisfy the customer. The major factors to be considered in choosing a particular cloud service is described below which will give the user a clear picture.

The needs of the user are the major factor to be considered in choosing an appropriate cloud storage service. The accessibility of the content maybe long term or short term based on the user's profession, for example a writer may look for no expiration-date cloud storage whereas a marketing executive needs access to data on a day to day basis. The evaluation of security, storage size and reliability need to be carried out and the user has to be comfortable with the features the service provider offers.

The next factor would be to see how fast the content can be accessed, this requires us to look up into the download and upload speeds. There needs to be a check of the restrictions on bandwidth uploaded and downloaded. A lot of service providers offer free plans as well as paid plans for different download and upload speeds. The compatibility of the device to the service provider in regard to file synching capabilities is another important consideration.

The market offers varied cloud storage services and keeping in mind the factors of importance, a few of the best free cloud storage services are listed.
Dropbox is the most popular and widely loved cloud service ,offering 2GB of free storage and an additional 250MB for every referral to a customer. It is supported on various platforms like Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android and iPhone, which makes it incredibly awesome.

SugarSync provides 5GB free storage and a bonus feature is that it lets you password protect individual files.

SkyDrive provides a staggering 25GB of storage and designed to be most useful for Windows users.

Amazon Cloud Drive offers 5GB of storage and unlimited additional space for MP3 purchased on Amazon.

No matter which service the user selects, need for storage and synching determine the best fit. And of course there is no stopping the user from accessing multiple storage providers for increased storage space and security