August 20, 2019
Cloud Storage Reviews

Unique Cloud Storage Features You Can Benefit From

Cloud storage companies are offering new features to make their services even more rewarding. Some of these newer features are actually very handy and will help make maintaining an effective cloud storage account much easier to do. Let's take a look at some of the most interesting new features you can benefit from, shall we?

Local Syncing

Cloud storage services can be used to synchronize multiple devices. Upload your files once and all of your devices can access them seamlessly. Synchronizing large files across multiple devices, however, is bandwidth-intensive and will cost a lot of money when done frequently. This is where local syncing comes in.

Local synchronization is a feature that allows devices connected to the same cloud storage account recognize each other when they are using the same local network. When the devices are connected to the same access point, for example, signals are sent to the cloud server and local syncing is automatically activated.

Instead of having the files uploaded to the cloud and downloaded onto each device, devices can share information with each other locally. Updates are still uploaded to the cloud, but there will be no download - let alone multiple downloads - once one device is fully synchronized with the cloud server.

Advanced File Sharing

A couple of years ago, you need to set a file as Shared or copy it into the Public folder to share it with friends. Once this is done, you still need to send a link to the file via email or using other methods.

Today, file sharing is much easier to do thanks to the new and improved advanced features. Users of the same cloud storage service can share files and folders with each other seamlessly.

Sharing files with friends or relatives can be done through your cloud storage admin panel directly. Enter the email addresses, social networking IDs or other identifiers and invitations - along with passwords, if you choose to set one - are sent to your friends automatically.


The presence of built-in document editors now enables cloud storage users to work with each other. Using the cloud storage service as a collaboration platform, multiple users can work on a single document without having to download it manually.

Chances are saved and will be instantly visible to all users. Older versions of the same files are stored separately so that reverting to one of them is just as easy to do.