August 20, 2019
Cloud Storage Reviews

An Understanding of The Cloud

There is a reason behind having a World Backup Day to constantly remind us that the digital content is a treasure that must not be lost in oblivion. This backup is done through a hot trend in technology called the cloud storage services. The benefit of cloud storage does not stop at file protection but also at accessibility even in the remotest of places. Apart from the two mentioned factors there are a surprising number of features to be considered when choosing a service provider.

Cloud storage reviews can help consumers with deciding on the service provider of their choice and need. While most services provide a similar functionality of data storage, they can be differentiated based on the varied features and support options. The reviews regarding the storage service creates an understanding of the service provider and points to particular details that need to be considered before opting for the appropriate online storage service.

The primary thing to be noted is the storage space allotted by the service provider. Again the question raises as to whether unlimited storage is essential or a fixed storage space would suffice. The pricing of the unlimited storage plans are to be studied keenly and should be in sync with the consumer or a business company's budget. A common benchmark used by most reviewers is to consider how much it would cost to store 50GB on three machines for a year.

Another feature that decides the better service provider is the option of file/ folder synching. These will help upload any change to the file/folder automatically from the designated folders. A service provider called ‘CrashPlan' offers a feature where in a friend's computer can be specified as the backup target. Folder sharing and file versioning have to be provided in cases where the most recent version of the stored file is lost.

Security would be the next thing that will interest most users. The data uploaded must be safe from hackers and other malwares. The service provider must be reliable; they should not interfere with the stored data as it can question the privacy of the consumer. The storage service chosen must have a user-friendly account interface which helps in easy navigation. Uploading and downloading the data should not involve any kind of complications and must be straightforward. Powerful and simple services are the order of the day.

The most important factor is that the service provider must be approachable if any glitches are encountered. It has to be supported by a service centre which can answer the consumer's technical troubles and help in the troubleshooting of the problems. Direct customer support is a must.

The factors in deciding the best cloud storage service provider is thus a consequence of various cloud storage reviews obtained from various sources. The whole process is eased on reading the reviews and receiving valuable inputs. The consumer can be sure of what he/she requires and can enter the market of cloud storage with a decent understanding of the services.