August 20, 2019
Cloud Storage Reviews

Top 5 Storage Providers

When you have made the decision to store your data, especially something that is very important to you on the cloud, it is essential to know which cloud storage providers offer the best deal in a good balance of price, security, ease of use and reliability. Here we look through some of the top services.


JustCloud has emerged to be the best service on the internet thanks to a policy that lets users have accounts without any obligations. Moreover, the transfer speeds are amazing and you can upload and save or download and retrieve data in a jiffy. JustCloud will allow you to test its services for free for a limited period of time, 14 days, and when you have grown fond of it, which in all probability you will, you can avail the full service at a very reasonable price.
The best part about this company is that the entire process is automated wherein the only job you have to do is to select the files to be backed up. Since the retrieval system is very simple to use, you need not organize everything manually before backing up.

Zip Cloud

Another noteworthy company in the cloud storage market is Zip Cloud and it is well known for the simplicity of use. The layout is designed minimally and yet it has all the functionality that you can dream of. The biggest advantage is that there is very little time spent on unnecessary flashy banners and the like and you can go ahead with your backing up very quickly. The data on the server here is encrypted with a 256-bit security. All these features are available for a mere $4.95 a month and considering the bandwidth on offer here, you will not need any other accounts to store or transfer data.


As the name suggest, LiveDrive is essentially a virtual hard disk and using it is as easy as child's play. This service is one of the simplest and most cost effective ones on the internet and there are several packages to choose from depending on the amount of storage you require. In fact, there are special packages to backup data specifically for mobile devices and tablets. While a lot of services claim to be unlimited storage and yet cap off your transfer after a certain limit, LiveDrive gives you a solid 2TB of storage for $7.95 a month.

My PC Backup

This is more of an application that runs on your computer and backs up all the data automatically rather than an online service. The usage is simple and it continuously runs in the background and backs up the data at periodic intervals. The entire software is easy to use and hardly takes up any hard disk space on your computer


For unlimited data storage on the cloud, this is the best service. Its offers start from $25 a month for really unlimited space and you can backup and forget about your data. The user interface is designed to be very simple and is also minimalist to save time.

These five are easily the best cloud storage providers on the internet today and the ideal thing to do is to browse through the features of each and choose the one that fits into your budget.