August 20, 2019
Cloud Storage Reviews

Top 4 cloud online storage providers

For someone with plenty of data on hands and very little memory space on the laptop, entirely relying on saving all your information on an external hard disk drive is never a very wise choice. In case of a catastrophic event wherein the HDD crashes, all data can be lost. Therefore, it is always recommended that one must save a backup of the data on any free or paid cloud storage services available on the worldwide web.

While service providers that give away storage space to their users for free can be very limiting, not well suited for business owners who are looking at storing immense amount of data, sufficient storage space can be acquired by paying a stipulated sum annually or monthly, making it a fair deal. Here are some of the top cloud online storage providers that offer paid services to help you create a backup.

Office 365:
Introduced not so long ago by Microsoft, Office 365 requires you to pay a price of $6 every month and benefit from over 25GB worth free storage space. Also provided are additional perquisites like editing content online, managing your calenders, video chatting and instant messaging.

Google Apps:
Considerably cheaper than the cloud storage services by Mircosoft, Google allows its users to enjoy about 20GB worth space to save data at a rate of $5 per year. Storage space comes along with tailored email ids, instant messaging, and editing documents from your device, other facilities provided by Google Docs and a lot more. It is also best known for working smoothly on most mobile devices and other platforms.

Apple, known for its numerous applications, launched the iCloud which is a cloud online storage provider that effortlessly stores your data and helps you access it from your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Mac. With very little management required on the part of the user, you can enjoy about 15GB of storage space at $20, 25GB for $40 and 55GB for $100 annually. Offering facilities of downloading music, updating your pictures, calendars and editing documents, iCloud seems like the best option for an iOS user.

Available freely to users of Windows, Linux, Mac, Android and iPhone and Blackberry phone devices, Dropbox initially provides every user a storage space of 2GB. This space can be bargained for by earning bonus space through referrals. However, one can benefit from 50GB of storage space at $9.99 and 100GB at $19.99 on a monthly basis. Dropbox works without having to stay connected to the internet and allows its users to save files, upload and edit documents simultaneously. It also allows you to manually change the limits of the bandwidth to prevent your servers from crashing while you are uploading a heavy file.

Going by the listing, iCloud is the best pick. But unfortunately, unless you are an iOS user, you are out of luck in this case. In that case, Google Apps seems like a wise choice at 20GB of free storage for $5 per year.