August 20, 2019
Cloud Storage Reviews

Cheapest cloud storage services that can help backup your data

In spite of the availability of affordable HDDs that can store more than sufficient amount of data, consumers are constantly looking out for other ways of saving a backup of their personal data that could range from music folders, photographs to movies.

It doesn't take a lot for your laptop to crash and therefore it is always a wise choice to save a backup of all your data online. That is exactly why consumers are provided with a host of options to secure their data through a number of sources on the worldwide web. It is a lot less dicey and will not burn a hole in your pocket either!

A bunch of trusted companies like Google and Microsoft offer to help you stock up copies of your data, charging you very little or almost nothing. They provide about 5GB to 25GB of free storage. Incase of a disastrous event that erases all your data, you can always rely on restoring the data that you have saved on either of the cheapest cloud storage service on the web. What's more? This is an excellent way of transferring data from one gadget to another without having to use an external tool. Makes it easier to share data across longer distances and that too at a great speed! Similarly, you can gain access to your data from any location without having to personally be around your laptop.

Several cloud storage services provide you the facility of syncing your data storage to your desktop as well as your mobile device, using several Android and iPhone applications available for this purpose. Most of these applications can be installed for free and are highly recommended. Most applications allow you to share this data with other people by providing your folder an exclusive link that can be used to access the data. These services also systematically arrange your files according to their type, placing all movies together and such. It is an excellent way to organize your data without having to manually sort it out.

Dropbox is a trusted application used for uploading and saving files and data on the web. Saves you the pain of having to email yourself an important document from your own laptop the day before an important meeting. Dropbox is available for free for Windows, Mac, Linux, and iPhone, Android and BlackBerry phones, making it the cheapest cloud storage service provider. Recently, Google introduced their new offer of 20GB worth storage space for $5 per year.

While the concept of saving up your data on a cloud storage system can seem appealing, you have to be careful as well. Keep changing the password to your account regularly and avoid accessing the data when at an undependable location, like a cyber café. Take care to not upload unwanted pictures and files that may eat into your storage space by avoiding the auto-upload option.

With so many companies offering cloud storage services, making a pick should not be difficult. If you are paying for your storage space, make sure you utilize it well.