August 20, 2019
Cloud Storage Reviews

Deciding on The Best Storage Service

When you have opted to buy a cloud storage service, the first thing that you would ask yourself is, which of them is the best. Well, there is no direct way to say which of the services is the best cloud storage because it all comes down to what you consider important. There are several factors to go through before you make a decision about the service you want to use and the one that focuses on the feature that is most important to you should win.

The first aspect most of you would be looking at is the storage offered. Ideally, a lot of services offer unlimited storage but these have a policy to ensure that you do not misuse the space available. When a service claims that it offers you unlimited storage, be sure to go through the fineprint in the conditions to know exactly how much you are allowed before the speed is limited or the pricing changes. On the other hand, some of the services show a limited storage but this is pretty large, around 2TB or so, which is more than what an average user would want to have backed up on the cloud.

Along with the storage space available, you should look out for a limit in the bandwidth i.e. the amount of data that you are allowed to transfer in a day/week and the speed at which it is allowed. This is important because it is rather pointless to have a lot of data stored away and not have the right access to it. Also check with your internet service provider, the maximum speed you are granted and then make the decision about the bandwidth. If your internet is slow, best upgrade to a faster one to get the best out of your cloud storage facility.

Lastly, the pricing is very important too as nobody wants to pay an exorbitant amount. The price of the cloud storage plans varies according to the storage space, the bandwidth and the ease of use of the software. Typically, this should average around $7/month per 2TB of space. If you are being offered unlimited storage at a lower price, there is a chance you will be subject to a lot of conditions. Also, ensure that the service provider is reputed and doesn't have a bad reputation regarding spyware or malware.

The best cloud storage varies from user to user and it is recommended that you go through as many as possible and learn as much as you can about cloud storage before making a commitment. Since the plan is usually long term, you might have to make a payment for a longer duration, quite possibly without the option of backing out. Cloud storage is revolutionizing data movement around the globe and it will allow you the freedom to travel without any hard disks on you. It is a great solution for your data needs and cheaper than using physical hard disks too!