August 20, 2019
Cloud Storage Reviews

The basics: What is cloud storage?

Most people get excited about the prospect of cloud storage as it sounds futuristic wherein you can access your data from anywhere in the world and other benefits of it but sometimes, you lose sight of the basic question: what is cloud storage? Well, that is not something that can be easily answered but do read on and you are sure to understand what it is and how it will help you out.

Cloud data storage and other cloud based activity including cloud computing are named based on the fact that you do not use your computer or your accessories to handle your tasks. Instead, something called the “cloud” will do it for you. Now, the cloud is nothing but a remote server that usually has powerful computing facilities at its disposal. This is essentially running another system somewhere in the world over the internet. However, you do not have unlimited access to those resources but you have access to just enough to get your tasks going.

Cloud computing can be anything from using the processing power of another computer to run something heavy that is beyond the capabilities of your computer or mere document processing and image sharing over a server. A lot of web giants such as Google and Windows Live offer cloud document editing facilities for your benefit. On the other hand, cloud data storage is a simpler and a more straightforward task. It involves using hard disk space somewhere else to store or rather backup your data. A lot of the services are web based and you need nothing more than to buy the package, download the software and have it run in the background to backup all your data onto the server.

The amount of data that you can store on the cloud is variable and is practically unlimited. However, the pricing for this varies accordingly and it is best you know how much you want to backup before making a payment. Moreover, it is pretty important to have a fast internet connection to store and retrieve data as quickly as possible. It is virtually impossible to use a cloud storage facility on any internet connection that is slower than DSL. A lot of the cloud data storage facilities claim that they offer unlimited storage but check carefully as this usually comes with a rider and you might be fooled into paying more than you ideally should. In addition, ensure that they offer constant bandwidth, otherwise you will suffer with slow downloads and uploads.

The beauty of cloud computing lies in its portability and if that is important to you, by all means go for it. Now that you have a basic idea of what is cloud storage, you should think carefully about your data management solutions and then buy online storage.