August 20, 2019
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SOS Online Backup Review

Security is one of the most important aspects to consider when choosing a remote backup and file storage service to use. SOS Online Backup understands this completely and is now offering customers a wealth of advanced security features. With these features in place, maximum protection is guaranteed.

The automated backup creation and instant updates are very easy to setup. SOS Online Backup comes as a native software in most platforms and operating systems, allowing you to make adjustments to the settings quickly and easily before letting the software work behind the screen. After the initial setup - and the first backup creation process - everything is automated.

It is amazing to see how fast SOS Online Backup can upload your important files to the remote storage servers. Powered by a number of well-known internet backbones, the servers used by SOS Online Backup offer top of the line performance throughout the backup process. Even backing up your entire PC or Mac can be done quickly and easily.

SOS Online Backup uses military grade security measures to ensure the safety of customers' files. Proper SSL encryption with 128-bit encoding and local 256AES encryption are used during and after the transfer process - both download and upload - to prevent unauthorized access to the files being stored on the servers. The data centers are also equipped with 1024bit AES encryption in general for added safety.

What about when the servers stop working due to a natural disaster or other causes? SOS Online Backup regularly - and automatically - creates further backups and store them on remote servers. The entire process is completely automated, so disaster recover can also be done quickly should a catastrophic server failure occurs. If any of the servers stop working, the other will replace its roles right away.

When used as part of a business solution, SOS Online Backup's compliance with various security standards including HIPAA, PCI, and Sarbanes-Oxley is certainly a huge plus. You can easily integrate the use of SOS Online Backup solutions into your workflow. Certified technicians are also available 24/7, ready to help you with any issue you might come across during the integration process and the day-to-day operations of your business.

A remote backup solution with military grade security features and a stunningly long list of other capabilities would be expensive, wouldn't it? That is certainly not the case with SOS Online Backup. You can backup an entire PC and up to 4 other devices for as little as $15 a year. In fact, the service plans from this service provider are regarded as among the most affordable options on the market.

All in all it is safe to conclude that SOS Online Backup is in fact a service provider that cares more about the safety of your important files. They still offer many features available from other service providers at the same time, making the service plans from SOS Online Backup even more appealing to those who want nothing but the best.