August 20, 2019
Cloud Storage Reviews

Service - Scalability - Security

Whether you are a home user or a business looking for better ways to store essential documents, there are three highly critical factors to consider when choosing a cloud storage service: service, scalability and security. These factors will determine whether you can fully benefit from the cloud storage service.


A good cloud storage service must offer a minimum of 99% uptime guarantee. Your files need to be accessible at all times, which is why uptime guarantee is important.

It is also necessary for the cloud storage service to have high quality internet backbones. This removes any limitation completely; the only thing you need to worry about is the speed of your own internet connection.

Check to see if the cloud storage solution is compatible with your operating systems. Native apps and desktop software work better than web interface because they offer native functionalities and features even the most advanced web application cannot provide.

Lastly, the cloud storage service must also has a top-notch customer support. Phone and live support are preferred, but email support that guarantees quick and effective responses can be just as useful.

These small details will help you determine if the service offered by a cloud storage solution provider of your choice is worth paying for. Make sure you review them before moving forward with the purchase.


Experts believe that a good cloud storage service is a versatile one. As you need to store more files in the cloud, the ability to upgrade to a better plan, add storage space and include optional features to the exiting plan will certainly come in handy.

The only thing you need to check is whether it is possible to upgrade without having to re-upload your files. This is a feature supported by almost every cloud storage companies; I said almost because several service providers still force users to go through the initial setup process all over again in the event of an upgrade.


You can't store your files online when they are properly protected. Even the most unimportant files can be exploited and misused. Luckily, the best cloud storage companies today are using military-grade encryption, enhanced SSL security and other safety measures to fully protect your files and their servers.

A quick look at added security features - including advanced access and sharing management or private encryption key - will help you determine if the cloud storage solution is the right one for you.