August 20, 2019
Cloud Storage Reviews

Secure Cloud storage: Your online safe to store data

There are several features to look for in a cloud storage service. If security is your primary concern, then read on as the article enumerates those services that offer good security and privacy.


With updated facilities in the security aspect, Dropbox competes for attention once again. All the data you store in Dropbox is encrypted as per AES-256 standards and the file transfer too occurs via an encrypted channel. This service also protects well against DDoS attacks, MITM attacks, etc. Dropbox also limits access to shared folders by asking for an invite from the original owner of the folder.
Dropbox prohibits its employees, barring certain occasions, from even viewing the data uploaded by you. They are only allowed to access the names and locations of your folders. Dropbox has technically sound measures in place to prevent your data from being accessed by a third party. It is worthy of mention that Dropbox will the law in case and shall release all of your data.


SpiderOak's security algorithm involves multiple layers of encryption. When you create your password for a SpiderOak account, it is encrypted and only then registered with their servers. This means no one at SpiderOak shall know your password and hence cannot access your data. One minus with such a secure encryption is that if you lose your password, access to your data is lost too. Transmission of data, on the other hand, is via SSL. SpiderOak has its own infrastructure for hardware and data management and thus, it controls the technical aspects.
SpiderOak ensures privacy of your data via a thorough encryption process. Employees at SpiderOak can only see bizarre digits and numbers that actually represent the names of your files and folders.


SugarSync uses TSL to encrypt transfer of your data and 128-bit AES to store it. While these can be labelled as fundamental facilities for secure cloud storage, it may not be enough for really sensitive data and this puts the reliability of SugarSync in question.
Employees at SugarSync can access your data in the unencrypted mode and it may even be made available to the Law if need be. Further, SugarSync stores your data upto 90 days after you delete it or after your account is terminated.

Provided by Lacie, Wuala's security encryption algorithm includes 128-bit AES, 2048-bit RSA and the SHA-256. This apart, Wuala employs the SSL for transfer of data. It is often the case that Wuala's methods are reliable and stronger compared to those of most cloud storage services.

As far as security and privacy alone are concerned, these cloud storage services offer best service, with SpiderOak and Wuala leading the pack. Well, if its security or any other feature of cloud storage service that you seek, it is completely your decision