August 20, 2019
Cloud Storage Reviews

Keeping your data extra-safe

It is said: "If you want to understand a man's character, look at his friends". Today, however, the truth is, look at all the personal data on his computer! Be it even professional data, we store everything in our personal computers. While we depend on our PC's all the more, there's every chance of a hard drive failure, data theft, or a disk burn out putting all the data gathered over the years under high risk. Thus, via online storage services, it is safest to back up your data in the cloud.
This apart, cloud storage makes accessing your files very convenient. Using your smartphone or your computer, you can view and edit the data you stored in the cloud, anytime, anywhere.

Cloud Storage services - The parameters

While all cloud storage services are meant for storing your data, they have features and other options that you mustn't overlook while choosing between services. It pays to understand what are the pluses and minuses of a particular service. The following are the parameters you must look for in a cloud storage service and based on the facilities you seek, you opt.

Storage capacity: Well, this is a fundamental requirement. Cloud storage services that allot unlimited storage space and charge a monthly fee are popular. On the other hand, if - capacity isn't on your mind, you can go for a service that charges least per unit of storage.

Convenience: The cloud storage service should make the upload and share process a convenient one. Also, the service should have a backup or restore facility to get your files back even after you delete them.

Accessing your files: A cloud storage service should have the facility to let you upload any kind of data and make it easily accessible for you. You must be able to access your stored data from different computers or mobiles. Further, your cloud storage account should be accessible from any web browser and the service should provide a desktop widget where you can simply drag and drop content.

User-friendly: Online storage services that have a clear, self-explanatory interface are best for the common user. Simple procedures for installation and faster uploading of files are features of a good cloud storage service.

Assistance to the user: Any good service isn't complete without a user guide or a ‘Help' tool. FAQ's regarding technical troubles and the commonly occurring doubts must be available. Multimedia tutorials at the right places must be present in an online storage service site.

Thus, while these are some criterion you must weigh before opting for a cloud storage service, it is an underlying fact that putting your data in the cloud not only gives you loads of free giga bytes on your hard disk, but also protects your files.