August 20, 2019
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Just Cloud Review

There are a number of cloud storage services available today, but only a few of them really offer valuable services at affordable rates. If you are looking for the perfect storage service for storing your important files, pictures, videos, and even your personal music library, the cloud storage services from Just Cloud can be the perfect option to look into.

Backing up your files to Just Cloud's storage servers is very easy to do. You can synchronize multiple computers and devices using the proprietary software or simply upload important files manually through the web-based interface. The first backup creation is not as long as you may have predicted, especially since Just Cloud uses a number of high capacity connections to support its users.

As mentioned earlier, one of the primary features offered by Just Cloud is automatic synchronization. You will be surprised by just how easy it is to keep all computers and mobile devices up to date when you use the cloud storage services from Just Cloud. If you are a person who uses multiple computers - for example, if you use a desktop PC at home and you carry laptops around when traveling - this particular feature is certainly very useful.

Another important feature you will also be able to use when you decide to opt for Just Cloud's storage services is mobile access to your files. Whether you need to retrieve pictures or synchronize your music library between mobile devices, the presented software and easy setup makes accessing all the backup files using smartphones and tablets very easy to do nonetheless. Once you get used to the simple access steps, you will be able to access files on the fly.

Of course, a good cloud storage service is not complete without proper file sharing capabilities. Luckily, Just Cloud offers a wealth of sharing-related features for its users. You can quickly give friends and relatives access to holiday pictures just by completing the necessary steps. Sharing Office documents and other work-related files with colleagues is just that easy. The shared files can be accessed by those who are not using Just Cloud's services as well.

Don't worry about the safety of your files because Just Cloud enforces a series of strict security rules. Proper 256-bit encryption is used whenever you are transmitting files to and from the storage server. No need to worry about unwanted parties sniffing your packets during the backup creation or download process at all. Automated backups of the files you store online along with other server security features are also put in place to provide additional protections to every user.

With all these features to enjoy, it is clear that Just Cloud is a superb cloud storage service provider to rely on whenever you need to store your files online. The cost of using Just Cloud's services? Absolutely free! Yes, you can gain access to these professional features and tons of other benefits just by signing up for an account. You can even start using the storage services in a matter of minutes.