August 20, 2019
Cloud Storage Reviews

Is Unlimited Cloud Storage Possible?

Several service providers are starting to use the term 'Unlimited' to advertise their services. Is unlimited cloud storage really available? The answer is both YES and NO. Yes, you can have unlimited online storage space to utilize, but No, they are not fully unlimited.

There are common limitations and concerns surrounding unlimited cloud storage. We are going to discuss them in this article.

Bandwidth Throttling

One of the limits that may come with unlimited cloud storage is bandwidth limitation. As you upload more files to the cloud, the service provider begins to limit upload speed substantially. In the end, it would be impossible to truly utilize the unlimited cloud storage solution to your advantage.

Bandwidth throttling may also affect download speed; this is actually worse, because you will also have a hard time accessing your files the more you have stored in the cloud. Before jumping in and signing up for the unlimited cloud storage service, be sure to check if these limitations are in place.

Maximum File Size

You may also find unlimited cloud storage solutions to impose a rather low maximum file size limit. With conventional cloud storage solutions, the maximum file size you can upload is set at a generous 5GB or 10GB; a reputable service provider may remove this limit altogether. Today's unlimited cloud storage solutions, on the other hand, set the maximum file size limit to 3GB or less.

Since you can't really upload large files, it is impossible to use the cloud storage space for storing long videos or large backup files. This defeats the purpose of having unlimited storage in the first place.


One thing you do need to watch out when you decide to use unlimited cloud storage service is overage. Read the terms of service carefully and find out if the service provider reserves the rights to charge you with overages. Even worse, the term may be accompanied with unclear definition of 'excessive use'.

Don't hesitate to contact the service provider's customer support regarding overage before you decide to sign up for an account. Having to pay extra after uploading gigabytes of files will not be a pleasant experience to endure.

Performance and Reliability

Even with minimum limitations, it is still possible to run into issues when using unlimited cloud storage solutions. These issues come from server performance and reliability. Recent reports and user testimonials revealed that unlimited cloud storage solutions tend to be slower - in terms of data transfers and server access speed - and less reliable than other plans with limited storage space.

Unlimited Cloud Storage Debunked

Bear in mind that there are several service providers that offer true unlimited cloud storage space with minimum limitations; they are not 100% unlimited, but you can still store all of your files without running into issues. Others use the term 'unlimited' for marketing purposes only and impose a series of limitations to prevent you from utilizing the unlimited cloud storage space. The best approach would be to review the actual storage space you need, compare cloud storage solutions and pick a suitable service accordingly.