August 20, 2019
Cloud Storage Reviews

Is cloud storage secure?

The simple answer to this question is YES. Cloud storage offers sufficient online storage space and a long list of security features. You still have to select a service provider that guarantees the safety of your files, but other than that you have nothing to worry when it comes to cloud storage security.

Among the many security features utilized by cloud storage solution providers are:

File Encryption

Files stored in the cloud are encrypted. Depending on the way cloud servers are set up, you can expect to see 256-bit or 128-bit encryption protecting your files from unauthorized access and hacking attempts. As you upload files to the cloud server, the encryption system encodes them for better protection.

Some service providers even allow users to set their own encryption key, enhancing the security aspect of cloud storage even further. Only you can decode the files by logging in and accessing the files using the correct credentials.

Similar to the upload process, files are decoded using the correct encryption key on the fly as they are being downloaded.

SSL Security

Advanced file encryption technologies are used to protect files as they are being stored in the cloud, but that doesn't mean your files cannot be stolen during the upload or download process. This is why data transmission is further secured using Secure Sockets Layer or SSL. The cloud server and your computer do a 'handshake' and share an SSL credential so that no other access nodes can read your files as they are being transmitted.

Automated Backups

What happens when one - or several - cloud server that stores your files is down? Nothing. You can still access your files without a problem thanks to the nature of cloud computing itself. Multiple servers are working in clusters to provide a cost-efficient and highly secured storage solution, which means files are spread and backed up across multiple physical drives on the cloud. If any of the servers is inaccessible, the other servers will provide the necessary files upon access.

Certain solution providers even store your files - in their encrypted form - on remote servers. The automated backup feature allows multiple cloud data centers to work together for better overall reliability.

These basic security features are ensuring the safety of your files at all times. Naturally, they make cloud storage very secured and reliable.

Before you go ahead and sign up for an account, there is one more security aspect you need to understand: access management. Whether you are using the cloud storage yourself or you want to be able to share your files with colleagues and relatives, you still need a username and a password to access the server.

Most cases of file theft and other security problems related to cloud storage usage are actually caused by the lack of proper password protecting the cloud storage account in the first place. Be sure to change your password regularly for maximum security. When sharing files, close access to files that have been downloaded to reduce the risk of unauthorized downloads.