August 20, 2019
Cloud Storage Reviews

How to Save on Cloud Storage

Cloud storage services are generally very affordable these days. You can get up to 100GB of cloud storage space for as little as £5 per month. If thatís not enough, there are upgrades and even unlimited cloud storage services to opt for. You even have the options to lower the cost of using cloud storage services further. Those of you who are on a budget will find the money saving tips we are about to discuss in this article very appealing.

Discounts and Special Offers

The best thing about shopping for a cloud storage service is that there will be no shortage of special offers to benefit from. Cloud storage companies are competing against each other for your business, which is why there are literally hundreds of discounts, bonuses and other great promotional offers on the market today.

Visit review sites and websites that discuss cloud storage services to find coupon codes and learn more about special offers; be sure to check out our other posts about cloud storage offers as well. Compare cloud storage services and take these offers into considerations. You should be able to spot the most valuable service plan to go for without a problem.

The Right Cloud Storage Plan

Speaking about comparing cloud storage service packages, make sure you focus on the features you need as you review each of the available options that are well within your budget. It is easy to be lured by extra space, extra features and added capabilities when you are looking into cloud storage plans, but you may end up paying for the features or cloud storage space you donít need.

By sticking to the cloud storage service that meets your needs perfectly, you get more for less money. As you add more files and use the cloud storage service more, you can start looking into upgrades and still maintain maximum cost efficiency.

Upgrades That Are Just As Affordable

A lot of (shady) cloud storage companies try to lure you with an affordable starter package and then charge you more for upgrades. These companies are what you need to avoid.

Upgrading to a higher service package with more space, adding new features and options to the plan you are using and buying additional services are what make a cloud storage service versatile. Make sure you review the costs of upgrading your plan before making any purchase decision in order to retain maximum flexibility.

Get It Right the First Time

A lot of people donít realize that the cost of using a cloud storage service isnít limited to the monthly service charge. You also need to upload and download your files; these use bandwidth and bandwidth is seldom free. To avoid wasting money on bandwidth, select the correct service plan from the start and save yourself from having to switch cloud storage providers in the future.

You can also save bandwidth by switching to scheduled uploads instead of real-time monitoring as well as activating the local synchronization feature of the cloud storage software. Use bandwidth throttling so that you can continue to use the internet connection during uploads and downloads.

Refer Your Friends

All cloud storage companies now have affiliate programs and offer bonuses to those who refer their friends. Donít hesitate to recommend a cloud storage service that you love; you will earn affiliate commissions and/or extra cloud storage space for every referral.

There are even those who have turned cloud storage services as a way to make money. They simply recommend the cloud storage service they are using on their websites or blogs, convert visitors into cloud storage users and generate gigantic affiliate commissions from the service provider.f