August 20, 2019
Cloud Storage Reviews

How much storage do I need?

It is interesting how cloud storage solution providers are offering different amounts of storage space to its customers. Free and premium service plans come with anything from 2GB to unlimited cloud storage space users can utilize. You can start by determining the amount of storage you need before choosing a suitable plan to use.

The 1GB Mark

Before we can understand more about the necessary storage space to purchase, it is better to take a look at just how many files we can store for every 1GB of cloud storage space available. For starters, you can store an average of 20,000 documents.

The same 1GB storage space can also be used to store around 500 high-resolution photos, 300 MP3 audio files or around 20 60-minute video files. As you can see, 1GB of cloud storage space is actually sufficient for quite a lot of files.

Average Cloud Storage Usage

A recent survey shown that the average cloud storage users utilize no more than 7GB of their cloud storage space, even when the plans they are using offer more than 25GB of online storage. This is in fact influenced by how cloud storage is used; the online storage space is mainly utilized for storing backups and sharing personal files.

So how much storage is enough?

Back to the original question; how much storage space is needed? The answer depends on the files you plan on storing. Review the files you want to store and check the estimated disk space they are using. Be sure to add future files and updates to the estimate. This way, you have a fairly accurate picture of just how much storage space is needed.

If you plan on backing up an entire computer, settle for online storage solutions that offer unlimited storage and support for multiple drives; added support for external drives is a huge plus since it allows you to safeguard your offline backup files as well. You may be spending slightly more money on the cloud storage service, but you get more features and storage space in return.

For storing personal files, documents and pictures, on the other hand, you use the estimate we discussed earlier as a benchmark. Compare cloud storage solutions based on the features included and the cloud storage space they are offering before settling for the best one your money can buy.

What next?

Estimating the amount of storage space needed before buying a suitable cloud storage service package is a good thing to do, but you must not forget to optimize your files for maximum efficiency. There are two simple tips you should keep in mind before you start storing files in the cloud.

Check for duplicate files before uploading. No matter how insignificant they might be in terms of file size, duplicate files can really use your cloud storage space up.

Sort and organize files into folders for easy management and access. The purpose of using cloud storage is so that you can access your files anytime and anywhere. Keep files organized for better efficiency.