August 20, 2019
Cloud Storage Reviews

Google Cloud Storage to Help Secure Your Data

With the idea of creating a backup of your personal data on cloud storage gaining more popularity every day, users are now looking at a number of companies who are throwing in their cloud storage services, for free or at a reasonable price, helping you save a copy of your data on the web and accessing it from anywhere in the world.

Cloud storage facilitates you to save personal files, work documents, movies, audios, music playlists and albums and protect them from being lost in a system crash. These services also help you organize data, making it simpler to browse through, share and transfer it to friends and family.

Google, going by its popularity, has introduced several facilities to help its users save data with their servers. To start with, Google introduced their cloud storage facility at the rate of $5 per year, offering 20GB of storage space through Google Apps. Hosting users of most mobile phone devices, it continues to work as smoothly on all other platforms as well. Users can benefit from specialized email ids created for their convenience. Also thrown in are facilities of instant messaging among work groups and ability to edit and view documents at the same time through Google Docs.

Only recently, another Google cloud storage facility, called Google Drive, was launched. To start with, they offer 5GB of free data storage space which can be upgraded to 25GB for a payment of $2.49 per month. Other offers include an upgradation to 100GB at $4.99 and 1TB at $49.99 per month. The facility promises to allow its users to save their data, files, pictures, help plan events, keep a track of their budget and money matters, upload albums, music files, PDFs and a lot more! It also provides for people to comment on files shared by an user while the user will receive regular notifications for the same. What's more? It comes handy since you can access this information from practically anywhere, any system and any device. Drive apps are now available for Android and iOS users in the market. The novel thing about this particular Google cloud storage facility is, for users who are visually challenged, they can utilize a screen reader program to access their stored information. Through the use of image and character recognition technology, Google Drive makes it easier for its users to browse through their files. Paid users will watch as their Gmail account's capacity gets expanded by 25GB.

Meanwhile, for users looking for cloud storage facilities specifically to store their music files and collection, Google has something to offer in that area too! Google Music, yet another Google cloud storage app, offers free storage service to users, making space for over 20,000 tracks. Efficiently catering to Android users, it works smoothly on various platforms too. However, it does pose problems in downloading tracks and switching songs or playlists.

With Google being a user friendly service provider, its cloud storage facilites are widely picked as well!