August 20, 2019
Cloud Storage Reviews

Free your hard drive

For the common user who stores customary day to day professional and personal data, cost of online storage facility matters most. Here, in this article, light is thrown on some of the cheapest cloud storage services. The final choice rests on you, as always. Read on...

Oosah is the service to go for if you put a lot of media files on the cloud. It offers a staggering one terabyte. The negative side is that this space cannot be used to upload word, excel and presentation documents. Further, Oosah enables uploading of image files straight off a camera and converts it into jpg's. You can sync your accounts in Picasa, Facebook and YouTube and view all the media content at one place.
Oosah has its minuses in that the uploading isn't a convenient process. It doesn't have desktop widgets and uploading multiple folders isn't available. is integrated to the commonly used online services like Gmail, Scribd, picnick, etc and acts as more than just a store room for your data. This service enables you to share your content with what calls "collaborators". This is useful if you wish to share data among closed business or friends' groups. While for free accounts, 1GB is the maximum storage space allotted, paid accounts ($7.95 onwards) have features like 5GB space, versioning system, access via mobile and 24x7 telephone help.

Live Mesh
Live Mesh is a part Microsoft's venture into the field of cloud services. It provides a user with 5GB storage space and also an online desktop that is similar to that of Windows Vista. Live Mesh accepts any kind of file but one cannot edit files in the online desktop as of now. Live Mesh automatically updates the changes you make in a folder that is synchronized to it. It also lets to share data with specific groups of people and works both on Windows and Mac OS's.

DropBox has gained lot of positive attention its superior integration with the desktop. You'll have to install a program on your PC first and then synchronize a folder with DropBox and much like Live Mesh, it updates modifications made to the folder automatically. You can upload any kind of file, with a size cap of 350MB at a time. Free users are given 2GB of storage space. Besides, DropBox offers 50GB of cloud space for $9.99 a month and $99.99 a year.

While these are the leaders when it comes to cost-effective and cheap cloud storage service, there are many other services competing for your attention with excellent desktop integration and easy upload procedures. Each cloud storage service has its pluses and minuses and it is upto the user to decide where his priority lies and hence, opt for the right service.