August 20, 2019
Cloud Storage Reviews

Free Storage Services Are a Win/Win

Losing your data to an unexpected system crash can cause a lot of trouble and the possibility of such a situtation occuring needs to be taken care of. One solution to it could be storing a copy of all of your data on an external hard disk drive. Another way out would be to save your data on the worldwide web using the cloud storage facility that has lately gained popularity.

Cloud storage can be utilized to systematically organize and store your data and share it with friends through secure means, or transfer it to another system without having to use an external source. These services are offered by several reliable service providers like Google, Apple, Microsoft and Amazon to name a few. These service providers charge a minimum amount for sufficient storage space.

However, if you are not looking forward to paying, there do exist free cloud storage service providers in the market that are equally reliable and efficient. Dropbox is highly recommended. Available for free of cost, it can be utilized by a host of users of Windows, Linux, Mac, BlackBerry, iPhone or Android. Every user is entitled to 2GB worth of free storage space. Then on, every time you recommend an associate via email into using Dropbox, you earn bonus storage space. Besides, from time to time they offer bonus storage spaces! The good thing is, Dropbox can function without being connected to the internet, making it a lot more convenient. The user interface is neat and simple to understand. You can upload multiple files simultaneously and while at it, it allows you to direct your bandwidth limit to handle chances of the server crashing.

Box is a largely used free cloud storage provider too! Providing every user with a free storage capacity of 5GB, it comes handy when you have to store data, share it with friends and regulate its access through a passcode. In addtion to this, every iOS user, Android or LG phone device user is given an additional package of 50GB of free data storage space for a predetermined period of time.

SugarSync is another user friendly free cloud storage service provider. They offer their services to users of Windows , Mac, PC, Symbiam, Android, iPhone and Blackberry phone device users as well, therefore catering to a large number of consumers. Offering 5GB of intial data storage space at free of cost, every user stands a chance to earn more storage space through the system of sending out referrals. It allows you to view and edit documents and create playlists!

Amazon's Cloud Drive throws in free data storage space of 5GB to all its users, except for users of Mac or any other phone device, therefore restricting its user base.

Pick your service provider keeping in mind the number of personal and work files you are looking forward to save, making sure you utilize the storage space offered in the best possible manner.