August 20, 2019
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Dropbox Review

Dropbox uses the tagline "Your Life's Work, Wherever You Are" to start the company's product tour; the tagline certainly tells what Dropbox has to offer, especially since the company is now known as one of the best online storage solution providers on the market. Before you start using the services from Dropbox, let's take a look at some of the features and plans this company has to offer, shall we?

One of the most prominent advantages you will quickly notice when you choose to use Dropbox online storage and backup services is the platform's compatibility with virtually any operating system we have today. You can install a specially designed software whether you are a Windows, Mac, or Linux user. The superb compatibility with multiple operating systems also make Dropbox the perfect solution for those of you who uses multiple systems; if you have a Windows PC but you also use a MacBook when traveling, for instance, you can synchronize the two using Dropbox as the backup solution.

Signing up for a Dropbox account can be done for free, and you can start using the full features offered by this service provider right away. The free plan comes with a 2 GB of storage space; you can later on expand this storage space further by referring friends and colleagues to use Dropbox as well. Since the maximum amount of storage space you can get when using the free plan is 18 GB, this solution is perfect for personal and home users.

The cross-platform compatibility doesn't stop with desktop PCs and laptops. Proprietary software for iPhones and Android handsets are also available, along with the newly released Dropbox for Windows Phone. You can access all files you have stored on Dropbox's server whenever and wherever you are without hassle using your favorite smartphone. Dropbox also includes document viewers and basic file management functionalities to its mobile apps, adding more features to utilize in the process.

If the storage space of Dropbox's free account is not enough, you can also choose from the several upgrade plans available. For $9.99 a month, for example, you can increase the basic storage space all the way to 50 GB. Similar to the free plan, you can also earn more space by referring friends and colleagues; this time, you earn +1 GB for every referral with the maximum you can earn being set at a staggering 32 GB.

Still not enough? Opt for the Pro 100 service plan to get more storage space. As the name suggests, the basic storage space you get with this plan is a staggering 100 GB. You can store thousands of pictures and music files easily and still have enough room for your important documents and files. Of course, the additional 32 GB you can earn in referral bonus makes this plan even more appealing.

There is no doubt that Dropbox is one of the best online file storage and backup solutions available today. Online file storage and sharing as well as backup creations doesn't get any easier than this.