August 20, 2019
Cloud Storage Reviews

Advantages of Cloud Data Storage

The use of cloud services for data storage has increased several folds in recent times, which shows that there is something about the whole idea that makes it rather appealing to the users. Cloud data storage is not a very recent facility but it is just that its advantages weren't realized entirely early on. Now, it is the preferred solution for data storage and all those who use it seem to have benefited from it.

The major reason why cloud storage services have boomed is because of the pricing policy and this is the biggest advantage to using the cloud for storing your data. Consider a situation in which there are thousands of gigabytes of data running on a network implementation. It is reasonable to have the essential components stored on the Local Area Network (LAN) but storing everything, especially data that you might not need on a regular basis is not the best idea as physical storage doesn't come in cheap. Typically, the cost advantage of a cloud storage facility is about twice to thrice that of a physical hard disk.

Storage Area Networks and Network Attached Storages certainly offer great performance in terms of your data storage and access but they are pretty expensive to acquire, use and maintain. It is not that the cloud is advantageous to store very bit of data that you have but it is the best solution to use for data that you do not need on a regular basis. It is in fact rather foolhardy to store essential data on the cloud.

The next advantage of cloud data storage is the portability. Since everything is stored on a remote server, it can be accessed anywhere via the internet. The only criterion is that your bandwidth should be sufficient to retrieve the data. You do not need to carry around a hard disk anymore! Moreover, the best part is that all of it is secure behind reasonable encryption unlike physical data storage elements which can be stolen at any point of time.

Finally, cloud data storages are not subject to corruption. You can keep a backup in a hard disk but if you use it on an infected platform, there are chances that your data can be wiped out. This is a scenario that you will not experience when using cloud services for data storage. There are a lot of service providers on the internet and each one has a unique offer. Typically, the right one for you can be decided based on the amount of data you have to backup, the frequency with which you have to retrieve it and your budget. The average cost is around $5/month for unlimited storage with a fair usage policy, which you will have to check before hand. Just remember that cloud storage is not the ideal for data you will use regularly and if you need very quick access.