August 20, 2019
Cloud Storage Reviews

Data Backup Made Easier by Cloud Storage

Cases of systems and laptops crashing, leaving their owners in a lurch, are heard of quite often. Going by the erratic manner in which systems function, it may not be wise enough for you to not create a backup of all of your personal and work data and save it elsewhere, not on your system. This is when cloud storage steps in!

Data could mean a host of files, documents, photographs, movies, videos, audios and other music files. Usually, people opt for an external hard disk drive to save their backup in. But HDDs too can pose problems if they stop functioning, are corrupted by virus, other techinical problems, or simply get lost! Therefore, storing all your data in an external HDD may not be a clever move from the security point of view as well.

Cloud storage, on the other hand, helps you save your data on the worldwide web, making it possible for you to access it from any system, allowing you to use mobile devices, keeping it secure with the help of passcodes in most cases, helping you share the information through exclusive links and systematically oragnizing your data without you having to spend time on it. All of this comes at a very nominal cost. The service provided is by well known and trusted companies like Google, Microsoft, Apple and Amazon among many others.

The free storage space offered ranges from 2GB to 50GB, depending upon the service provider and the charges issued. Typically, service providers like Dropbox and applications like Box allow all users to benefit from 2GB and 5GB of free storage space respectively. A user can bargain for more space through the referral system that allows you to score bonus storage space. Google offers 20GB of storage space for an anual cost of $5 to its users. Microsoft newly launched Office 365 which comes at a relatively steep price of $6 per month for 25GB of storage space.

Several cloud storage services help you sync your data storage from your desktop or mobile phone devices, be it Android or iPhone, using applications accessible in the market, free of cost and highly recommended. These applications, if accessed through your mobile phone device, create an exclusive link to your data folder which can be forwarded to your friends and family or uploaded on any social networking site. Your data also is organized according to file type, making it easier to browse through your collection. A user can also create playlists for listening to music on the move using Google Music, Amazon Cloud Player or iTunes!

With a number of service providers like Dropbox, Box, Amazon Cloud Drive, SugarSync, Office 365, Google Apps, and iCloud, you can pick one depending upon your own specifications of the amount of data you wish to store, type of data, the storage space offered, additional provisions and charges for the same. However, one must be cautious when accessing your cloud storage facility from an untrusted location to avoid misuse of data.