August 20, 2019
Cloud Storage Reviews

Is it worth comparing providers?

When it comes to cloud storage comparison, it really does pay to shop around. There are so many providers on the market these days who all appear to offer similar things in the way of packages etc that making the right decision on who to go with is extremely important. What do you look for? How much should you be paying etc and what is different from one company to the next one? These are all questions which need answering and ones we'll try to answer throughout this article.

How much to pay?

This is one of them questions which everyone who is considering taking out an online storage package should ask. What is the right amount to pay each month? Well, it really depends on what you want. Most of the providers, well, the major ones offer several packages, all with different amounts and features for your monthly price. For me, I always opt for the unlimited packages - even if I don't have that much to store. I find I'd rather pay an extra few pounds each month and be safe in the knowledge that I'm not going to be hit with an unexpected bandwidth bill or something.

What are the best key features?

For me, the one feature I always look for is drive mapping. I don't like using third party applications and I certainly don't like using any web based / browser interfaces. As anyone who has tried to upload a lot of files knows, using a web based interface is extremely tedious and frustrating. If the provider doesn't allow you to map your online storage account as a drive or at least provide a desktop application in order to connect and store files then avoid them.

What about bandwidth charges?

Luckily, most providers document their bandwidth charges (if any) but in most cases, it really does make sense to choose an unlimited package as for an extra few , you really do have peace of mind. You'll often find that the premium accounts offer greater transfer speeds also so even if you're only storing a handful of files, it makes more sense than having to wait around while your files upload.

In short, comparison is a good thing, especially with so many providers on the market. Find one which is fast, unlimited and secure and you'll be fine. Cloud storage isn't expensive overall so it's definitely worth paying that little bit extra if possible.