August 20, 2019
Cloud Storage Reviews

Digitally preserve memories through cloud photo storage

Cloud storage services are a popular technological advancement growing steadily and carving a niche market for itself. The basic idea is to upload certain data on the web where it can be stored and accessible anytime we want to download it. The content uploaded can be personal by certain individuals or companies storing their records. There are myriad cloud storage service providers who offer different plans and features for the user to choose from. The most important use of the cloud would be storing personal data like photos, videos and other multimedia pertaining to an individual who wants to preserve them as memories.

Everyone is busy capturing and clicking life's memories through their digital cameras, but is necessary care being taken to preserve them from digital disaster? Cloud photo storage promises a secure backup for all the precious moments of life so that they are not lost forever. Once the digital content like photos is online, they can be easily accessed and viewed at will reliving old memories. It is easier to share among family and friends when on the cloud reducing the burden of personal storage and risk of losing data when transferring through hard disks or flash drives.

There are certain things to be taken care of before choosing an appropriate cloud service provider to store your photos or videos as privacy and security can be an issue. When the images are transferred to a service provider's possession, their terms of services are to be abided by. The user has to be very sure of the cloud service's reputation and trust the service provider with something as personal as photos being shared.

The other thing to be considered is the various storage options and features that a service provider offers. A good cloud provider should be able to back data up seamlessly. Any new addition to the photo albums the user shares, an automatic upload has to be made into the cloud storage's database as well without any interaction from the user. The other features that are provided are entering titles and tags to every photo. The photos can be modified online, extra effects and beautification of the pictures can be done using the editing tools and the images can also have filters applied. The photo albums can be synched with social networking sites such as facebook and twitter to upload and share the images with family and friends.

The popular cloud photo storage providers are ‘OpenPhoto', ‘CloudaTag', ‘Photry', ‘SnapCrowd' and many more competitors in the market. Each of these providers offer different storage capacities at different rates and claim to offer the best security possible. ‘SnapCrowd' for example provides an additional feature of allowing multiple users on the same account, this way a group of friends or family members can logon and upload photos and files without the security being compromised. Images, video and other multimedia continue to expand finding space outside the home for storage and thus requirement of newer and improved cloud service providers is imperative.