August 20, 2019
Cloud Storage Reviews

What to look for in an ideal solution?

If you're reading this site, you'll be interested in cloud solutions as opposed to traditional online backup services. This is a good start but what exactly should you be looking for when choosing the perfect cloud solution? How do they differ from traditional backup services and are they secure. These are all questions which should be asked and they're all questions we'll aim to answer during the course of this article. Keep reading to get the important questions answered. We're here to assist you in making an educated decision when it comes to choosing a provide.


If you're looking for a cloud storage solution, you'll no doubt want speed. Speed is the key, greasy fast speed! :) Most cloud solutions are lightning fast but you'll want to pay particular attention to the transfer speed reviews. Pretty much every cloud storage provider has been reviewed somewhere online. You'll struggle to find a provider who hasn't been reviewed and if they haven't, they're probably not well known enough to bother with. Pretty much all of the review sites will score each providers transfer speeds out of 10 like we do - so if it's speed you're looking for, make sure to choose someone with a good review.

Disk Space and Accessibility

The good thing with hosting anything on "The Cloud" is the amount of storage space available to you. As files are split across several different servers, you'll have access to vast amounts of disk space. Often unlimited as is the case with most of the major providers. With fast Internet connections and cloud accessibility, storing and retrieving your data is extremely fast. By hosting online, on the cloud, you'll be able to access your data any time any place.


The one thing which puts people off with online storage as whole is security. Files off personal computers are often private and the thought of them being stored by a third party can often put people off using the service. My advice, don't be worried. All files are stored in a secure data centre and the chances of someone at the provide you've chosen having a snoop around your files is extremely slim. People aren't interested in your photos and movies believe it or not, so host with confidence :D

That's it, we hope the pointers above will assist you in making your decision and finding the solution which is right for you!