August 20, 2019
Cloud Storage Reviews

Choosing A Free Option

Like most things in life, if we can get something for free, then there is little point paying, right? Well, the term that you get what you pay for is equally true. Especially in the world of online backup and storage. During this article we'll discuss the pros and cons of a free service over a paid one and look at the features that come with each. In some cases, a free solution might be sufficient in fact, more than sufficient for your day to day needs... But in most cases, it really does pay to upgrade and enjoy the benefits that come with a paid package.


The main draw back of a free service is the limits that are imposed by the provider. All free services will be limited in some form or another. Whether you're limited on the amount of data you can store (most of the time) or the amount of data you can transfer between your PC and the storage provider during a month, there are limits and these limits can become extremely frustrating.

Transfer Speed

You'll often find that with most free storage providers, the transfer speeds between your local computer and the data centre are extemely hindered. These limits are in place to protect paying users and if you're transferring a lot of data day to day, it can be extremely frustrating.

Ease of Use

Most of the providers who offer free cloud storage tend to only offer it via some web based interface. This is a nightmare if you're looking to upload a lot of files at once. With most premium/paid options, you can either drive map or at the very least use a piece of software provided to make transferring your files extremely easy.

In short, if you can afford it, take out a paid plan. Whilst free services have their advantages i.e. it doesn't cost you anything, for serious or heavy usage, you really need a paid option. I know personally I'd rather fork out 3 a month for a proper storage plan than have to wait hours to access my files or transfer them onto the storage drive.