August 20, 2019
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Carbonite Review

Carbonite is perhaps the most straightforward remote backup service provider we have today. The service plans and list of features from this particular company are very easy to understand, allowing you to gauge just how beneficial using the remote file storage service from Carbonite can be. The simplicity offered by Carbonite is actually a very strong point that attracts many home and business users alike.

The service plan from Carbonite is very simple indeed. You get an unlimited storage space for all your files as well as an unlimited monthly transfer or bandwidth limit. This means you can back up an entire PC or Mac without having to worry about running out of backup space.

The security features you will be able to enjoy are not to be taken lightly as well. Carbonite uses the same system and measures used by the best banks in the world to ensure the safety of your files and information. Form the initial backup creation to the point where you need to access the files, everything is properly encrypted and secured.

Carbonite uses the best hardware to make sure that customers get nothing but the best quality of services in return. The hard drives used at the company's data center are handpicked for maximum quality; you don't have to worry about losing the backup files at all. Even with the data center being one of the most reliable among service providers on the market today, Carbonite still took the necessary steps to provide customers with further protection.

Since Carbonite supports both Windows and Mac OS - plus access and file retrieval from iOS and BlackBerry devices - creating and maintaining your backups will be very easy and completely seamless. The proprietary software is designed to be just as straightforward and easy to understand as the service plan; you will have no trouble at all getting familiar with the user interface and completing the setup process.

The service package from Carbonite costs just under $42 a year; considering you get unlimited storage space with the service plan, the yearly cost is indeed very reasonable. You can lower the cost further by opting for the bi-annually or tri-annually payment term. When you choose to go for the three-year subscription length, for example, you can reduce the yearly cost by as much as 20%.

Don't worry about spending your money to try the backup services from Carbonite because you can simply sign up for the 15-day trial period for free. The trial period allows you to try all the features Carbonite has to offer - and maximize them to see if they are suitable according to your needs and preferences - without making any payment. Since phone, email, and chat customer support officers are always within reach, you can also ask questions and discover more benefits of using remote file storage service from Carbonite while in the trial period.

The straightforwardness and simplicity offered by Carbonite is very refreshing. If you are looking for the best backup service plan but you want the experience to be completely hassle-free, Carbonite is certainly one of the best service providers to consider.