August 20, 2019
Cloud Storage Reviews

Business or Personal Solution?

Most cloud storage providers out there, especially the major players offer various plans and packages to suit the user. Some providers actually offer home/personal solutions as well as business/commercial offerings where as some simply offer packages depending on what level of service you require in terms of disk/storage space, transfer bandwidth and software features. If you know what you're looking for in terms of service then I'm sure you can find a package that suits you needs, regardless of what the package is branded as. Home solutions will work equally well for small businesses as business/commercial packages will work for home users. It really does come down to what the user wants.

The key when deciding whether to go for a personal or business solution is working out exactly what you need storing and backing up? Both home user and business user files are going to be stored in the same place, secured in the same way and the data will also be kept backed up in the same way so don't make the mistake of thinking that your files are going to be any safer by taking a business solution - they're not. It's all down to the resources you use up on the system.

By knowing exactly how much data you need to back up you can effectively work out which plan and provider would be best for you? There is no point paying for a 10,000GB enterprise level storage solution if you only need to back up 1GB of business critical files. Choose the home package, save your hard earned money. Most services offer the same connection speeds for home users as they do for enterprise. They won't throttle the bandwidth for lower paying packages. So if you see a service advertised with high transfer speeds - it's probably just listed as a selling point when in reality it's no faster or slower than one of the lesser packages.

It all comes down to working out what you want from your service and choosing the right plan for you. Think about the real world, if you're taking out a service with lots of different price points for different service levels, you don't tend to overpay for things you don't need. Bolt-ons you'll never use etc. The same goes for online services. You can make huge savings if you simply take the time out to figure what you need and choose a service to suit.