August 20, 2019
Cloud Storage Reviews

The best of free providers to your rescue!

Having realized that a single disastrous laptop crash can lead to you losing all your data, increasing number of people are now opting for cloud storage facilities to create a backup of their music files, photographs, movies, videos and other important documents and secure it somewhere on the worldwide web.

With companies like Microsoft and Google providing you data storage facilities at a very inexpensive rate, it has become a lot easier to rely on the web rather than an external hard disk drive. However, what is more important is to make a wise pick when it comes to opting for the right cloud storage service provider.

When opting for a provider, you need to take into consideration mainly the amount of data you wish to store and draw an estimate of your usage. If you are paying for the service, make sure you utilize the storage space given to you thoroughly. Also, keep a check on which service provider throws in some bonus options and the kind of users they cater to, with respect to your mobile devices and such. Here is a list of free cloud storage providers for you to chose from:

One of the best cloud storage service provider, Dropbox is highly recommended and can be spotted around many blogs. They provide free service to users of Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, Android and Blackberry phones. All free users receive a storage space of 2GB which can be quickly increased by referring Dropbox to a few of your friends and acquaintances through email. They also throw in time to time bonuses and a user has the chance to win up to 8GB worth of free space through these bonuses.

With about 5GB of free storage space, Box is an ideal free cloud storage provider too. If you use a LG phone device, Android or are an iOS user, you are in for some luck as Box then provide you with 50GB of storage space for a limited time. However, they don't give out bonuses for having sent out references and free users are not provided with desktop clients.

Amazon Cloud Drive:
Amazon, a trusted company, now offers its users 5GB of free data storage space. Available on for PC, it does not cater to users of Mac or mobile devices. It also lacks the facility to allow its users to opt for auto sync or auto backup of their data.

This free cloud storage provider comes with a bunch of perks, making it a sought after service provider. It accommodates PC, Mac users, iPhone, Android, Symbiam, Blackberry and Windows phone device users as well! With an initial storage space of 5GB, SugarSync continues to rain 500 MB storage space upon you every time you refer it to a friend, with no referral limit.

With the above recommendations in mind, it will be easier for you to decide on which service provider to opt for while focusing on your own specifications.