August 20, 2019
Cloud Storage Reviews

5 Android cloud storage apps worth a try:

It's not only your laptop that faces problems of limited storage facility, but even Android smart phones that keep running out of storage space. It can be very bothersome to use a smart phone and find yourself being heavily restricted by the amount of data you can store on your phone. The only way out for Android users is to then opt for saving their data through a cloud storage service provider.

Android cloud storage can allow you to save your data, music files, pictures, movies, videos and a lot more on the web, access it on the go and share your data with friends without having to transfer it externally. You can opt for one of these apps:

While it offers all its users 5GB of data storage space, signing up as a registered Android user and downloading it from the Android market can buy you 50GB worth of data storage space through your smartphone. By creating an exclusive link of your data, share it with your friends, invite them to view folders and contribute to its contents while you receive related notifications on your phone.

Installing the Dropbox will provide you with storage space of 2GB, sufficient for storing files, pictures and documents. Its processes of downloading files online are simple and the user interface is neat. The application doesn't need the user to be connected to the internet to function. What makes it stand apart is the pass code locking feature that allows you to lock your Dropbox and monitor its access.

Ubuntu One:
Ubuntu One provides you a storage space of 5GB and allows you to upload files, videos and audio to your account. It creates separate folders with exclusive links which can be shared with your friends through Bluetooth, email or can simply be uploaded on any social networking site. It is known for its Ubuntu One Music feature that stores and streams your music files for free of cost. It also throws in additional options that allow you to auto-retry failed transfers avoid uploading duplicated files and switch to using WiFi.

Offering a storage space of 5GB, Sugar Sync allows you to optimize pictures immediately after you have clicked them, store and share them in your folder on the web. It allows you to view and edit documents and create playlists of your favorite tracks. However, due to the absence of a search bar, browsing through the data can be time consuming.

While it throws 10GB of free data storage space at its users, which is brilliant, registering for the app can be agonizing if done through the mobile interface. Therefore, opt for the website. With a clean user interface, it allows you to upload multiple files just like all the other apps and also allows you to control the access to your folders. Additional features include options for photo optimization and changing the resolution size.

Picking any one of those Android cloud storage apps will make your trip through a smart phone a rather enjoyable one.