August 20, 2019
Cloud Storage Reviews

Why choose a Cloud Solution?

If you're looking for a online backup service, there really is no better choice than cloud storage. When using a cloud solution as opposed to standard backup services, your data is stored on what is known as "The Cloud". There are numerous packages available with storage options from 20GB - 50GB, so finding a backup service to fit your needs should be fairly straight forward.

Read our expert cloud storage service reviews to help you choose which provider is best for you.

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Top Cloud Storage Providers - 2019

1Click to Visit Just Cloud£3.00100%Read!
2Click to Visit MyPCBackup£4.0098%Read!
3Click to Visit Zip Cloud£4.0096%Read!
4Click to Visit Carbonite£5.0090%Read!
5Click to Visit SugarSync£6.0089%Read!
6Click to Visit Mozy£6.0083%Read!
7Click to Visit SOS Online Backup£5.0083%Read!
8Click to Visit OpenDrive£5.0083%Read!
9Click to Visit Livedrive£4.9580%Read!
10Click to Visit Dropbox£6.0079%Read!

Who is the best backup provider?

Good question! All of the above cloud backup and storage providers were tested by us and whilst our findings are well reported, choosing who we consider to be at the top of their game is quite difficult! There are so many factors involved that naming someone the best online backup provider is a relatively difficult task.

Of course, it depends what you're looking for. If you want value for money, a cheap cloud backup provider or someone who is going to offer you tons of storage and lightning transfer speeds - its all there. Personally, I'd say there is no "best provider", just find the one who offers the best deal for your specific requirements and go from there.